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Bathroom Fixtures
  • Whether itís a sink, toilet or tub, choosing white bath fixtures in comparison to colored fixtures can save you as much as 20%.
  • Just by doing a little comparative shopping you can save yourself as much as 20 Ė 40%. And if you buy stock cabinets over custom you can increase your savings even more.
Door Locks
  • Remember the fancier a door lock the more youíre going to pay. In this case, more expensive does not mean more strength. For example, a standard brass plated lock is strong and a much better savings than your fancy filigree with gold finish.
  • Drywall is drywall is drywall, no matter what the brand name. If you find it cheaper at one store over another, pick it up at the lower price.
  • Buy your insulation faced with kraft paper rather than foil. Itís cheaper and itís just as good.
  • Generally lumber is available in even lengths (6 feet, 8 feet, etc.). Try to design your projects if possible according to those lengths rather than odd number lengths to save on waste.
  • If you find a good sale on lumber and you think you might have use for it in the future buy extra and store it somewhere relatively dry.
  • When it comes to plywood, you can often buy large scrap pieces at a discount that will be big enough for you to salvage what you need for your project.
  • Shop around for paint, just like anything else. Itís always on sale somewhere. Probably the best time to find significant savings is in January.
  • If you have any old venetian blinds lying around, the slats make excellent paint guards. They work especially well if youíre painting baseboards and you want to protect your carpet or tile floor.
  • When itís time to buy your paint, try to plan a job that requires no quart size cans. By the quart paint is generally twice the price of paint purchased by the gallon. And if the large economy size is available (usually 5 gallons) you may be able to increase your savings again. The same principle applies to interior and exterior stains.
  • Did you know that paint thinner is reusable? After cleaning your brushes, let the paint thinner sit for a couple of days. After the paint settles on the bottom, carefully pour the thinner into a new container and itís ready to be used again.
  • Question your dealer as to whether or not they have roofing materials that are going out in style. This is a great way to create some savings, as those materials can often be picked up at a discount. Just make sure thereís enough to complete the job.
  • Sandpaper is available by the sheet and by the package containing smaller sizes. If you buy it by the sheet you can expect to save anywhere from 10 Ė 20%.
  • Here we go again Ė Shop around! Earlier this year I had to replace my tape measure. I found the exact same model priced from as low as $9.50 and as high as $19.99.
  • You can save money by using a catalog to buy tools. The quality is usually quite high and you donít have to run around comparing prices. The only problem here is if you need that certain tool immediately Ė catalog shopping isnít an option.
  • Garage sales are a great place to pick up used tools, with fantastic savings, sometimes practically new.
  • For one time use, you can probably rent the tool from your local hardware store, or a Rent-All outlet.
  • Get friendly with your local hardware storeowner. Theyíre generally quite helpful with all kinds of money and time saving tips.
  • Like roofing materials and fashion, wall coverings that are going out of style can usually be acquired at a discount. Remember to make sure you get enough to complete your job.
  • If youíre going with something thatís still very fashionable though, donít be afraid to ask for a 5 or 10% discount. Chances are youíll get it.
Windows & Doors
  • Again, the best advice here is to shop around. You can generate savings as high as 20 or 30% just by playing one outlet against another. If you get a good price from one store ask another if they can beat it, and so on.


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